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Thank you so much for the free critique, I feel so much better now about my resume and cover letter. You have given me more understanding and depth. I will tell all my friends about you. You have positioned me to gain the best possible advantage…Thank you!
Ryan,  Managing Director

I was able to land my life long dream job (a total career change for me). With your professional advice, I made it happen.
Eddy, Accountant

I failed so many interviews because I just assumed they would read my resume and then see what a wonderful guy I was. I now realize that going for an interview is like building a house from the foundations up. Plenty of planning and research! The interview coaching was structured and full of fantastic tips and resources. Thankyou!
William Stelth- Senior Lecturer

I walked into the interview so confident and self-assured! Thanks to your coaching this time I was prepared for any of the answers. My preparation has paid off. I landed the job. Thankyou!!!!
Jack Broadbent- Senior Manager

Thankyou Debbie ….Interviewing skills was something I never really thought about. But after I was coached by you I understood that I needed to demonstrate my strengths and knowledge. The value that I was able to communicate at the interview was critical to getting the job.
Jane Shore – IT Manager


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